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When my brother was young, he began taking piano lessons. I remember the notes drifting up from the basement as he practiced, especially when he repeated the same phrase fifteen or twenty times! He started by playing simple lines with each hand, but gradually the pieces became more complex.

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The Declaration of Independence. The Bill of Rights. The Gettysburg Address. Roosevelt's stirring speeches to radio audiences across the United States. Reagan standing before...

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Clutter is distracting. Have you ever walked into a room where every available surface is covered with "things"? The eye has no place to rest and the effect is overwhelming.

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This material has been reviewed by ACCFS staff and has been found to be helpful for families or individuals who wish to go through a devotional. While this information has been screened and can be helpful, readers are encouraged to be discerning of any doctrinal concerns.

Couples Who Pray Together Stay Together

You have probably heard the old adage, "couples who pray together stay together." You may be pleased to discover that this expression is more than just popular wisdom. Research studies have verified what Bible believing, God fearing people have understood for ages.

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Friday, May 6th-Apostolic Revival Center-220 W. Winnie Ln., Carson City, NV 6pm Check-In 7pm Royal Devotion and Pizza Party + Talent Shine (ages 9 to 15*) Speaker: Miss London Young 7pm Ladies Service (*18 and up) Speaker: Mrs. Mary Wilson *Ages 16 and 17 can choose which event they would like to attend Saturday, May 7th-Brewery Arts Center, 449 W.

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