International Ministries

Apostolic Family Life Center Inc. has developed International Ministries as a global mission’s division. Our mission is to enable international churches to fulfill the Master’s “Great Commission” to establish true Apostolic churches. Apostolic Family Life Center Inc. offers fellowship to Apostolic churches worldwide. We understand that many support world missions, missionaries, and organizational missionary agencies from their local ministries and Churches. As an Apostolic fellowship, we observe the revival through world evangelism.

After 100 years of the Azusa outpouring, the Holy Spirit has swept the earth in a wave of Glory! No longer does the burden of evangelism, teaching and financing rest solely on the shoulders of North America and Europe. Dedicated men and women of God around the world have proclaimed the Glorious Gospel as Missionaries and Apostles. They have helped birth spiritual sons and daughters who have become leaders of national Churches, Bible Schools, and even Organizations and Ministerial Fellowships. These sons and daughters are now becoming the greatest missionaries in the world today. Even Europe and North America are challenged by apostolic voices from regions that were once considered illiterate of the Gospel!

ALFCI’s International Ministries goal is to identify and support these existing ministries and agencies worldwide. Our aim is to Equip, Encourage, and Empower these local churches to fulfill its full potential while maintaining its own separate and unique identity. We are dedicated to building on foundations that have already proven strong, stable, and consistent with the Apostolic Message. Our goal is to network those with a heart for Missions and World Evangelism with credible national ministries that are already existing and prospering, but still need covering, fellowship, and support.

We are all ONE!

Following international churches are affiliated with AFLCI and are in fellowship with one another: