Welcome to AFLCI! We are so happy you are visiting our fellowship site and appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions you or your ministry may have. I’m Rev. Darrel K. Zehm, President of Apostolic Family Life Center, Inc., Headquarters based in Beverly Hills, FL.

The most important purpose of Apostolic Family Life Center, Inc. is to defend and to preach the whole gospel of the original apostles of Christ to the whole world before Jesus returns. Our mission is to evangelize multitudes to obey the whole gospel of Christ and to equip the saints to do the same through our free Resource Center offering online Bible study and evangelizing tools, articles, and videos. We encourage Pastors to share AFLCI website with the saints to help teach and equip them to share the gospel more effectively.

Our Purpose:

1. Proclaim the One God Apostolic gospel on the worldwide web to evangelize the lost and to equip the saints for ministry.

2. Use technology so that books, videos, streaming and articles are available through our Resource Center so millions will find the truth of the gospel.

3. Expose false doctrine and promote the Oneness Apostolic gospel on AFLCI TV to bring in multitudes who will hear and obey the apostolic gospel worldwide.

4. Start a free online Bible School through free books and free video recordings. All of our Bible School courses will be posted on AFLCI TV to equip the Church worldwide.

5. Publish the truth of the gospel without favoritism towards any particular Oneness Organizations in order to bring unity rather than competition among Apostolic Faith believers worldwide.

6. AFLCI will serve as a forum to bring the whole body of Christ together in one mind and one accord to prepare us for our Lord’s soon return.

7. All affiliation membership fees will be used to cover operating expenses of AFLCI, such as church planting, revivals and yearly conferences. Affiliating membership fees will not be used to pay any monetary compensation to any of our Board of Directors.